Innovation Audits.

. Have you assessed your processes towards efficiency and or innovation potentials?

. Did you define your saving potentials based on lean and agile way of working?

. Are you aware of the potential disruptors caused by digitalization and technology in your business area?

. Did you challenge your process with your team, partners and suppliers?

. How do you validate products and services with your customers or potential customers?

. How does your customer feel about his or her client journey?


Step 1: Walkthrough of selected business areas
Step 2: Controlls and process assessment 
        - Business risk management
        - Process efficiency and business intelligence 
        - Market disruption level
        - Technology and standardisation status quo
        - General innovation and business development controls
Step 3: Innovation audit assessment 
Step 4: Gap Analysis and Recommendations
Step 5: Potential Mitigation

Based on my innovationaudit Due Dilligance and methodology I assess with you your potentials.